Welcome Micky Suelzer

Good news in apocalyptic times. We are happy and proud to announce a new patient in the Zauberberg sanatorium: Micky Suelzer.  This is just a foretaste of the journey to quantum. Visit Micky’s reel here. 

Live Like You


Dorian & Daniel

Skoda Octavia

Live Like You

In these times where everyday life has come to a halt: What gives us the power to move on? It's simple: It's that we stand with each other. Think of each other. Support each other.  Care for each other - despite differences. And even though we are socially distanced. No one should feel alone. Because that's how we'll finally get through these times:  By going through them together.
We are happy to reveal the hero film of the Skoda Octavia Campaign, directed by our wonderful Dorian & Daniel and co-created with Optimist and Thjnk. The campaign inspires us to pursue our passions and know what it means to Live Like You.  Horizont and LBB report.  

Go Big

A special project we are happy to share. Thank you to Leonie & Loretta for allowing us to experience your worlds driven by dance. Directed by the wonderful Daniel Soares and created together with Innocean Berlin for Hyundai.   

The Heist | Superbowl 2020

The Heist is here. Hungryman teams up with Zauberberg in this heart-pounding chase with some of the greatest Porsche cars ever made for the 2020 Superbowl. Directed by Wayne McClammy of Hungryman. Still amazed at this scale of production, 7 days racing across the south of Germany - thank you to all involved!  
German Press: HorizontW&V, FAZ  
US Press: Adweek, Adage  

Treasure Hunter + Queen + Warwick

Our Deka campaign goes on with big picture cinema and the worlds we have created together with director Daniel Warwick and agency Scholz&Friends Berlin. Treasure Hunter & Queen W&V reports.

Keep the World Great!




Keep the World Great

In the spirit of advocating for climate change, we teamed up with Datenstrudel, myclimate and our friends from Scholz&Friends Berlin and traveled to the German village Kallstadt, the same village where Donald Trump’s grandfather came from. Sven Trump is a distant cousin of Donald Trump and wants to reach out to his American relative with an important message: Everyone can help save the climate. Even a Trump.


Zauberberg unboxes the new ŠKODA OCTAVIA with Dorian & Daniel. This bold, music driven spot - punched with rhythm and style was created together with the agency Optimisthjnk, inspiring us to pursue our passions and know what it means to #LiveLikeYou.

1 year later: We Are Dancing Inside!

Managing directors and partners Andrea Roman-Perse and Frank Siegl took a minute to talk to LBB, reflecting on our first year in business. Happy Birthday Zauberberg!

An Ode to Singles!


Wolf & Lamm


You are made for loving You

This music driven spot for Douglas salutes empowered women, single's and a whole lot of self love because you are made for loving you! Thanks again to JvM SAGA. Directed by Wolf & Lamm. Read about it here. 

The Best Place in the World?

New work for IKEA Germany. Together with Thjnk Berlin and CFS Krug - the recent campaign celebrates the best place in the world: Home. Also announcing something very special together with this film: a warm welcome to our dear friend and director Frieder Wittich. We are so happy to have you at Zauberberg.  Horizont reports.  

Banana-Boating Door

The first banana-boating door of our lives with director Nathan Price for Hyundai. Thanks to Nathan and Gabriel Mattar from Innocean Europe for fighting the higher forces so gracefully. A big love to you guys.  

Office Worm Holes & Aliens

When worm holes start forming in the office. Casual. First project with director John O'Hagan for LBBW. Agency Scholz&Friends Berlin. Write up by Horizont and W&V.  

First Kiss with Daniel Warwick

The first of a series of big screen classics for Deka Investment. In this one we celebrate our first kiss with Daniel Warwick and Scholz & Friends Berlin.
An amazing project and lovable result. Horizont reports.

When Homes Come Alive


Jon Barber


Old Friends

When your own four walls become part of the family. The first film 'Old Friends' for LBS aired today. Directed by Jon Barber - agency BBDO Berlin.
Read about it here.

Hungry for KIA

Zauberberg's first production with Hungry Man, Bryan Buckley and Innocean Europe. A race to remember. Read the article on W&V.

Der Hängebock

A fun one by Max Millies with Jung Von Matt Havel for GoSpring with a subtle yet suitable message. Horizont covers the Campaign.

Mission future, Mission now

Created this sweet film for a good cause for Aktion Mensch with Agency Kolle Rebbe and director Claas Ortmann. Horizont reports.

Dreams in Need

Incredibly happy to have been part of the IKEA #worklifesleepbalance campaign. The flagship of all moving media formats is Björn Rühmann's film in which a world is created where our dreams attend a self-help group.

Creative Problem Solvers

1stAveMachine can be described as creative problem solvers. We are so happy to work with the studio and its directors within the German commercial market.

Be Royal

For our second film with Dorian&Daniel and DOP Jan David Günther we reflect the brave, self confident and free with Bulgaria’s post brutalist locations acting as our backdrop. Created with Jung Von Matt Havel for Swiss brand Cafe Royal.

When Science&Art meet


A Spooky Premiere

Thanks to JvM and BMW we wandered in the deepest and darkest woods of Bavaria. Together with Dorian & Daniel we got scared and loved it. Horizont reports.

5 minutes with Andrea

Founding partner of the new Zauberberg Productions on her accidental start in film and priorities at the new production company. LBB spent 5 minutes with Andrea.

Hello Zauberberg

Launching in November 2018, we’re pleased to start strong in our new venture with a team of six as well as cooperating with our international partner productions The Sweetshop and Hungryman. Horizont reports.