08/19: "Der Hängebock" with Max Millies

A fun one with Jung Von Matt Havel for GoSpring with a subtle yet suitable message.

Horizont covers the Campaign

08/19: Mission Zukunft - New Work with Claas Ortmann

Together with Kolle Rebbe and Claas Ortmann for Aktion Mensch.

Horizont covers the Campaign

07/19: Dreams In Need - IKEA's  #worklifesleepbalance campaign with Björn Rühmann, Thjnk & CFS

Incredibly happy to have been part of the IKEA #worklifesleepbalance campaign. The flagship of all moving media formats is Björn Rühmann's film in which a world is created where our dreams attend a self-help group.

Horizont covers the Campaign

06/19: A warm welcome to 1stAveMachine

1stAveMachine's work impressively spans over multiple disciplines including live action, mixed media, animation, digital & experiential.

05/19: Another one from Zauberberg with Dorian & Daniel and Jung Von Matt Havel for Cafe Royal

04/19: Welcoming the wonderful directors of Arts & Sciences

Adam&Dave, Andrew Zuckerman, Casey Storm, Fiona McGee, Matt Aselton, Matt Lenski, Michael Illick and Mike Warzin. 

03/19: HORIZONT WRITE UP - BMW “Spooky”
with Dorian&Daniel & JungVonMatt

03/19: Our 1st one on air! Finally something to show...

Thx to JvM and BMW we could wander in the deepest and darkest woods of Bavaria. Together with Dorian and Daniel we got scared and loved it. Enjoy.