Live Like You

Live Like You


Dorian & Daniel

Skoda Octavia

Live Like You

In these times where everyday life has come to a halt:

What gives us the power to move on?

It's simple: It's that we stand with each other.

Think of each other. Support each other. 

Care for each other - despite differences.

And even though we are socially distanced.

No one should feel alone.

Because that's how we'll finally get through these times: 

By going through them together.

We are happy to reveal the hero film of the Skoda Octavia Campaign, directed by our wonderful Dorian & Daniel and co-created with Optimist and Thjnk. The campaign inspires us to pursue our passions and know what it means to Live Like You. 

Horizont and LBB report.


The Heist | Super Bowl 2020

The Heist | Superbowl 2020

The Heist is here. Hungryman teams up with Zauberberg in this heart-pounding chase with some of the greatest Porsche cars ever made for the 2020 Superbowl. Directed by Wayne McClammy of Hungryman. Still amazed at this scale of production, 7 days racing across the south of Germany - thank you to all involved!  
German Press: HorizontW&V, FAZ  
US Press: Adweek, Adage  

Keep the World Great!

Keep the World Great!




Keep the World Great

In the spirit of advocating for climate change, we teamed up with Datenstrudel, myclimate and our friends from Scholz&Friends Berlin and traveled to the German village Kallstadt, the same village where Donald Trump’s grandfather came from. Sven Trump is a distant cousin of Donald Trump and wants to reach out to his American relative with an important message: Everyone can help save the climate. Even a Trump.